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Compressed Air Energy Audits

Since the cost of energy is dramatically increasing these days, it is important to know how much compressed air you are using and how it translates to energy cost. In most factories the air compressor represents one of the largest users of electrical energy and is a good place to start when considering energy savings. There are many different types of controls such as load/unload, modulation, and variable speed. Understanding the control scheme of your compressed air system is key to realizing energy savings. An air audit can baseline your air usage and allow us to analyze the existing control scheme for efficiency. We can also use air audits to determine maintenance problems such as high oil carryover.

Reliability is our #1 concern. All of our solutions will focus on reliability with energy efficiency as a benefit.

We feel the most important aspect of the audit is to explain the system to the customer so the customer understands where energy is wasted and how to rectify the problem and maintain future reliability and efficiency.

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