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Why have a preventative Maintenance AGREEMENT?
A Smart Way to Protect Your Equipment
You've invested in quality equipment that is vital to your everyday business—and a service contract represents a smart way to protect your investment. For a fixed annual fee, we can provide comprehensive service support on all your equipment and help create many strong advantages for your business.
Financial Advantage
Predictable service costs are a real plus—a fixed-line item in your budget. Greater peace of mind results when you're protected against potentially expensive equipment failures—we are working for you. Protect yourself against potentially expensive equipment failures—lock in future service rate discounts—and save money by processing fewer service invoices. Professional and timely equipment maintenance doesn’t cost, it pays!
Performance Advantage
Properly maintained equipment will last years longer and you will experience less downtime—leading to increased operator profits and enhanced productivity. Equipment tends to be much better maintained while under contract—minor repairs and basic preventive maintenance are performed before small problems have a chance to become large problems!
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